Длительность: 50 минут

Biorhythm disorders usually result in disturbed sleep (insomnia or hypersomnia), body malfunction including problems with genitourinary, gastrointestinal tract, cardio vascular and nervous systems.  Such a condition usually deteriorates psycho emotional state.

Jet Lag treatment relieves stress, relaxes, recovers microcirculation, and eases nervous and muscular tension resulting from time zone change and long-haul flights.  Jet Lag complex includes the following treatments:

  • Head massage relieves headache, makes work more efficient, recovers blood flow in head skin, contributes to hair health and triggers positive emotions.
  • Legs Massage offers muscles relaxation after a workout, prevents edema and musculoskeletal system disorders. It both has general revitalizing effect and treats local body issues.
  • SWAY Lounger simulates pendulum motion that recovers biological rhythms disturbed by stresses and jet lag.  Twenty minutes in the SWAY lounger offer full recuperation and restore work efficiency.